ThinkPad 700 - Parts Listing (9552)

Parts Listing (700)

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Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD (700)    44G3806
   For Germany (Gray) (700)    48G9321
   LCD Bezel Assembly (700)    53G7831
   For Germany (Gray)    53G7832
   Contrast and Brightness Slide (700)    53G7803
   LCD (700) Rear Cover    48G9295
   LCD (700) Hinge Kit    73H9994
   LCD (700C)    48G8723
   For Germany (Gray) (700C)    48G9909
   LCD Hinge Kit    44G3874
   LCD Case (Black) (700C/720C)    44G3875
   LCD Case (Gray) (700C/720C)    44G3876
   2 Frame, Keyboard (700)  
   (44G3797)    66G1607
   For Germany (Gray) (700)  
   (48G9313)    66G1608
   For Japan (700)    44G3798
   2 Frame, Keyboard (700C)  
   (48G8945)    66G1609
   For Germany (Gray) (700C)  
   (48G9905)    66G1610
   For Japan (700C)    48G8946
   3 Battery Pack  
   Nickel Metal Hydride    44G3811
   For Benelux    49G2190
   For Germany (Gray)    49G2036
   For Swiss    44G3812
   4 Battery Terminal Assembly    44G3779
   5 Frame, Stiffener    44G3771
   6 Voltage Converter  
   w/lid susp. switch (700)    44G3784
   Voltage Converter  
   w/lid susp. switch (700C)    48G8712
   7 Keyboard Control Card  
   84-key (U.S.)    44G3783
   Keyboard Control Card  
   85-key    49G2096
   Keyboard Control Card  
   89-key    49G2097
   8 System Board (700)    44G3780
   System Board (700C)    49G1975
   50MHz Upgrade System Board (700)    54G1046
   240MB Upgrade System Board (700)    53G7822
   50MHz/240MB Upgrade System Board (700)    53G7824
   50MHz 486SLC2 Upgrade (700)  
   (Processor Card & BIOS)    39G3999
   50MHz Upgrade System Board (700C)    54G1047
   240MB Upgrade System Board (700C)    53G7823
   50MHz/240MB Upgrade System Board (700C)    53G7825
   Power Switch Knob/Actuator    49G2140
   For Germany (Gray)    49G2156
   LED Flexible Plastic Cable    49G2142
   9 Backup Battery, Lithium    44G3778
   10 Processor Card    44G3781
   50MHz Upgrade Processor Card (700,700C)    54G1045
   11 I/O Connectors Cover Group    44G3769
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9315
   12 Bottom Cover Assy  
   U.S.,Can,LAD (700)    44G3800
   For Benelux    54G0449
   For European Countries    44G3801
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9314
   Bottom Cover Assy  
   U.S.,Can,LAD (700C)    48G8719
   For Benelux    49G2732
   For European Countries    48G8721
   For Germany (Gray)    49G1983
   For Japan    48G8722
   13 Covers include spacers  
   spacers for LCD hinge  
   Model 700 Cover    53G7817
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9316
   Model 700C Cover    48G8714
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9906
   14 Door, Hard Disk Drive    44G3777
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9317
   15 Hard Disk Drive, 80MB    95F4743
   Hard Disk Drive, 120MB    95F4744
   Hard Disk Drive, 240MB    66G3200
   Hard Disk Drive, 340MB    53G7846
   15 Cover, IC DRAM Card    49G1108
   For Germany (Gray)    49G2154
   17 Video Card (700)    44G3782
   Video Card (700C)    35G4823
   18 Tray    44G3773
   19 Guide, Modem    44G3774
   Modem Door (700)    53G7815
   Modem Door (700) (For Germany)    53G7816
   Modem Door (700C)    53G7817
   Modem Door (700C) (For Germany)    53G7818
   Telephone Cable    94X1540
   20 Base Memory Card, 4MB    44G3785
   21 Slot Holder, IC DRAM Card    44G3772
   22 Diskette Drive Assembly    49G2198
   Cable, Diskette Drive    44G3776
   23 Keyboard see ->>    KBD FRU-P/N
   24 Standby Battery    44G3799
   For Benelux    49G1149
   For Swiss    49G2093
   25 Indicator Assembly (700)    44G3787
   Standoff LED (700)    44G3788
   Indicator Assembly (700C)    48G8729
   Standoff LED (700C)    48G8731
   26 Panel Groups include LED cover, 2-2.5 x 8mm,  
   left and right hinge bracket supports,  
   left and right hinge cover end caps  
   Panel Cover Group (700)    44G3789
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9320
   Panel Cover Group (700C)    48G8715
   For Germany (Gray)    48G9908
   For Japan    49G1982
   Speaker    07G1229
   Holder, Speaker    44G3786
   AC Adapter (25W, 3-pin) (700)    44G3808
   AC Adapter (40W, 3-pin) (700C)    49G2196
   AC Adapter (50W, 3-pin) - OPTION  
   (Used when Expansion Cartridge is  
   installed on TP720, or if using a  
   fully configured TP370C with Port  
   Replicator, PCMCIA cards, Wireless  
   Communication feature).    48G8942
   For Japan (40W, 2-pin)    49G2197
   Data/Fax Modem Adapter (U.S./Can.)    94X2554
   Data/Fax Modem Adapter (Japan only)    94X2506
   High-Speed Data/Fax Modem (U.S./Can.)    42G2592
   Serial Adapter    79F6840
   Internal Modem Attachment Screw    53G7847
   Screw Kit (see 720 parts for detail)    53G7819
   Foot, Right/Left (w/ springs)    49G2053
   For Germany (Gray)    49G2155
   Miscellaneous Parts Group (700)    44G3790
   Miscellaneous Parts Group (700C)    48G8944
   Parts Group includes keyboard support bracket,  
   DC-in holder, battery terminal clip, stud,  
   LCD cable clamp, mouse bracket shield,  
   heat sink assembly, base cover hook bracket  

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