FRU Codes

FRU Codes

If an error is detected by the diagnostic tests, a four-digit  FRU code is displayed. The FRU code indicates two suspected FRUs. Replace the FRU that is indicated by the two leftmost digits  first, then replace the FRU indicated by the two rightmost digits . No FRU is assigned to code 00. If only one FRU is suspected, the other FRU code is filled with zeros. See the referenced page before replacing the FRU.

FRU Code FRU/Action
10 System Board
11 Processor Card
16 DSP Card
17 Front IR unit
18 Rear IR unit
20 Memory
(See 'Memory Checkout')
30 Reserved
32 External Keyboard
33 External Mouse
40 LCD Assembly
41 Video Card
45 External CRT
50 1. Reseat the Drive (FDD-1)
2. Diskette Drive (FDD-1)
51 1. Reseat the Drive (FDD-2)
2. Diskette Drive (FDD-2)
60 1. Reseat the Hard Disk Drive (HDD-1)
2. Hard Disk Drive (HDD-1)
61 1. Reseat the Hard Disk Drive (HDD-2)
2. Hard Disk Drive (HDD-2)
70 PCMCIA-2 (Replicator)
71 PCMCIA (under CD-ROM drive)
80 Cellular Modem
90 CD-ROM Drive

NOTE: The device ID and error codes are used to indicate the detail portion of the FRU which caused the error. If replacing a FRU does not correct a problem, see the Device ID or error code from the previous failure. If they have changed, the cause might be because the new FRU is defective or that the FRU was incorrectly installed.

If the problem remains after replacement of the FRUs, go to 'Undetermined Problems'.

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