Miscellaneous Symptoms (2523)

Miscellaneous Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action
   No beep, Power-on LED not lit, 1. System Board
   and a blank LCD during POST. 2. DC/DC Card
   (See 'Power Systems Checkout' 3. Power source when failing
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   No beep, Power-on LED lit, 1. System Board
   and a blank LCD during POST. 2. Modem Card
   (See 'Power Systems Checkout'  
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   No beep during POST 1. System Board (Speaker)
   but computer runs OK.  
   LCD screen unreadable or 1. LCD Assembly
   characters missing pels. 2. System Board
   One or more keys do not work. 1. Keyboard
  2. System Board
   Computer does not respond 1. Pen
   to Pen input. 2. LCD Assembly
  3. System Board
   LCD backlight not functioning. 1. Inverter Card
  2. LCD Assembly
  3. Switch and LED Card
  4. System Board
   LCD backlight intensity 1. LCD Assembly
   not adjustable. 2. Switch and LED Card
  3. System Board
   LCD contrast not adjustable. 1. LCD Assembly
  2. System Board
  3. Switch and LED Card
   System hang or intermittent hang. 1. Press Reset Button
   (See 'Undetermined Problems' 2. System Board
   before replacing any FRUs.) 3. Operating System
   The computer does 1. System Board
   not suspend or resume.  
   The computer does 1. Press Reset Button
   not power off. 2. System Board
   Real-time clock inaccurate. 1. Backup Battery
  2. System Board
   Printer problems. 1. System Board
   (See 'Printer checkout') 2. Parallel Port Device Cable
   Serial or parallel port 1. Device
   device problems. 2. Device Cable
  3. System Board
   LED incorrectly remains off, 1. Switch and LED Card
   but computer runs OK. 2. System Board
   Internal modem card does 1. Verify that the setup data defined
   not communicate with a     by the communication software is
   modem or FAX.     suitable for the communication.
  2. Modem Card

If the problem remains, see 'Undetermined Problems'.

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