Parts Listing (2523)

System Unit

Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover Assembly (TPF Model)    53G7099
   Top Cover (HDD Model)    53G7100
   2 Pen Assembly    53G7115
   3 Cover Group    53G7098
   4 LCD Unit assembly  
   (Includes 3 cables from index 21)    48G9685
   5 Shield Cover    53G7101
   6 System Board (TPF Model)    53G6963
   System Board (HDD Model)    53G6964
   7 Inverter Card    53G7142
   8 Miscellaneous Kit  
   (See the table Tools & Misc)    53G6954
   9 DC/DC Card    53G6965
   10 Switch Cable Assembly    53G6966
   10 Battery Terminal Assembly    53G6967
   12 Battery Pack, Standard Size  
   U.S., Canada, LA, AG, AP, Spain,  
   and Portugal    48G9775
   Switzerland    48G9776
   Norway, Sweden, Finland    48G9777
   EMEA Others    48G9778
   Benelux    48G9800
   Japan    53G7143
   Battery Pack, Half Size  
   U.S., Canada, LA, AG, AP, Spain,  
   and Portugal    53G7104
   Switzerland    53G7105
   Norway, Sweden, Finland    53G7106
   EMEA Others    53G7108
   Benelux    53G7107
   Japan    53G7110
13 SIMM 2MB    79F1002
   SIMM 4MB    79F1003
   SIMM 8MB    79F1004
   14 Backup Battery    53G7114
   15 Bottom Cover    53G7102
16 TPF 5MB, Non pre-loaded    48G9899
   TPF 10MB, Non pre-loaded    48G9900
   TPF 15MB, Non pre-loaded    49G0000
   TPF, Pre-loaded (See the table below.)  

 TPF           10MB         15MB          15MB
 P/N           PenDOS       PenDOS        PenPoint

 U.S. English  53G7152      53G7151       53G7153
 U.K. English  53G7155      53G7154       53G7156
 French        53G7158      53G7157       53G7159
 German        53G7161      53G7160       53G7162
 Italian       53G7164      53G7163       53G7165
 Spanish       53G7167      53G7166       53G7168
 Japanese      53G7170      53G7169       53G7171

17 Miscellaneous Kit, Hard Disk Drive    48G9780
   18 Hard Disk Drive, 60MB    53G6962
   19 Switch and LED Card    48G9684
   20 Sub Battery  
   (Except countries below)    53G7092
   For Switzerland    53G7093
   For Benelux    53G7094
   For Japan    48G9814
21 LCD/ Digitizer Cable    48G9686

External FRUs

   FRU P/N
   External Diskette Drive (without cable)    48G9896
   External Diskette Drive Cable    48G9897
   Quick Charger    48G9820
   Car Adapter  
   U.S./Canada/LA/Japan    07G1190
   EMEA    35G3304
   AC Adapter    07G1246
   AP/EMEA    07G1851
   Japan (2-Pin)    07G1248

Tools and Miscellaneous

No special tools are needed to service the computer.

The following lists the miscellaneous parts kits.
(Numbers in parentheses show quantity)

   FRU P/N
   Screw kit    53G7113
   LCD screw (10)  
   System board and DC/DC screw (10)  
   Bottom cover screw long (10)  
   Bottom cover screw short (10)  
   Bus connector stud (10)  
   Connector stud screw (10)  
   Keyboard, Mouse screw (10)  
   FDD screw (10)  
   HDD bracket screw (10)  
   System board bracket screw (10)  
   Knob Sheet    53G7103
   Knob sheet assembly (1)  
   (Screen control button top)  
   Label Group    53G6952
   Serial No. label, blank (1)  
   Artwork blank (1)  
   Information label, H (1)  
   Information label, H for Japan (1)  
   Information label, T (1)  
   Information label, T for Japan (1)  
   Battery CSU label (1)  
   Bracket Kit    53G6953
   I/O bracket assembly (1)  
   AT BUS,KBD/mouse bracket (1)  
   IC card bracket (1)  
   HDD bracket (1)  
   Miscellaneous Kit    53G6954
   Battery knob (1)  
   Screw cap (1)  
   Front foot (1)  
   Rear foot (1)  
   DC/DC shield (1)  
   Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PC Test Card    35G4703
   Audio Wrap Cable    66G5180
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598

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