Power Systems Checkout (2524)

Power Systems Checkout

Use the following procedure if you suspect a computer power problem, for example:

Obtain from the user all information about the symptoms of the power failure.

  Yes    No-+002| Go to Step 004
   |        +---+
 -Go to 'AC Adapter Test' and perform the test.
  Yes    No-+005| If the computer fails only when using the car
   |        +---+ battery adapter, go to 'Car Battery Adapter Test'
   |              and perform the steps.
   |              If the symptom is both a AC and a DC power
   |              failure, go to 'AC Adapter Test' and perform
 +-+-+            the test from step 5.
  Yes    No-+007| Go to 'Battery Pack Test'
 +---+      +---+
 - Using the AC adapter, perform Test from the
 Easy-Setup screen and select All to test all the
 Go to step 009
  Yes    No-+010| If a FRU code is displayed, 'FRU Codes'
   |        +---+ If nothing is displayed, go to
   |              'Symptom-to-FRU Index' and replace the
 +-+-+            appropriate FRU.
 - Go to 'Short Circuit Test' and follow the procedure.

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