Parts Listing

System Unit FRUs
Index    FRU P/N
1 System Board    39H6894
2 CPU Card    39H6019
3 Memory Card 8MB    84G0476
   Memory Card 4MB    84G0478
4 Inverter Card (84G0483)    10L1519
5 LCD Unit Assembly  
   (Includes Display LCD,  
   Rubber-LCD water proof and  
   Cable digitizer)    84G0493
6 Sub Battery    84G0498
   (For European Community)    39H6874
7 Battery Terminal Assembly    84G0503
8 Cover Group  
   (includes Cover-IC, Cover-I/O  
   connector, Cover-Sub Battery and  
   Cover-Battery)    39H6877
9 Top Cover Assembly    39H6020
10 Bottom Cover Assembly    39H6887
   (For European Community)    39H6890
11 Knob Group  
   (includes Cover-DRAM,  
   Spring-DRAM, and Knob-Power)    84G0513
12 Radiation Plate Assembly    84G0515
13 Battery Pack  
   (incl. Battery and Carrier Battery)    84G0562
14 Serial Number Label Blank    84G0563
15 Battery Dummy Cover    84G0570
16 Pen Assembly    53G7115
17 Cover Pen    39H6021

External FRUs
   FRU P/N
   260MB PCMCIA-HDD    06H8956
   Ext.-Diskette Drive  
   (Opt. TOGP14M)    48G8263
   AC Adapter    84G0505
   Quick Charger    84G0521
   Car Adapter    84G0523
   Power Cord (for AC)    84G0560
   Port Replicator    84G0525

Tools and Miscellaneous

There are no special tools needed to service the computer. The following is a list of the miscellaneous parts kit.
   FRU P/N
   Screw Kit    84G0517
   DC/IN Rubber (1)  
   Screw (14)  
   Foot (2)  
   Digitizer Cable    84G0519


Accessories have different warranty period from the system unit. Some of the accessories related to services are:

Pen and Pen Tip

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