Memory Checkout (2625)

Memory Checkout

Depending on the model, the memory size that is available for customer use appears differently. See the following table for the available memory size of each card.

System Board 8MB Memory Board Optional SO-DIMM Extended Memory Switch Setting
640KB 8MB 0 7168KB 1,2,3,4 OFF
640KB 8MB 4 11264KB 1,2,3,4 OFF
640KB 8MB 16 23552KB 2 ON
640KB 16MB 0 15360KB 1,2,3,4 OFF
640KB 16MB 4 19456KB 1,2,3,4 OFF
640KB 16MB 16 31744KB 2 ON

NOTE: Refer to 'Memory Board Switch Settings' Switch location.

Memory errors might stop system operations, show error messages on the screen, or hang the system. The computer detects memory parity errors but does not correct them.

Use the following procedure to isolate memory problems.

Memory Error Notes

  1.  Make sure that any memory options are fully installed  into their connectors. A loose connection can cause an error.
  2.  Run the diagnostics. See 'How to Run Diagnostics'
  3.  If memory problems occur intermittently,  use the loop option to repeat the test.
  4.  FRUs should not be replaced because of a single, un-reproducible  failure. Single failures can occur from a variety of reasons  that have nothing to do with a hardware defect such as  electrostatic discharge or software errors.  FRU replacement should only be considered when  a recurring problems exits.

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