How to Run Diagnostics (2625)

How to Run Diagnostics

The QAPlus/PRO diagnostic program, developed by DiagSoft for IBM, is the primary method of testing the computer. It is unique to the ThinkPad 365 and will not run on other models.

You can use it to test the IBM components of the system and some external devices. The amount of time required to test all components depends on the number of components. The more optional adapters and devices you have attached to your system, the longer the testing takes.

  Before loading the diagnostics program:
  1.  Go to a DOS full screen.
  2.  Press Ctrl+Alt+F11 to go to the setup  screen.
  3.  Verify all peripherals devices are enabled.
  4.  Page Down to the second page and verify all peripherals are enabled.

The diagnostics program is intended to test only IBM products. Non-IBM products, prototype cards, or modified options can give false errors and invalid system responses.  

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