How to Disable the Power-On Password (2640)

How to Disable the Power-On Password

  1.  Power off the computer
  2.  Remove the frame (see 'Frame')
  3.  Flip the keyboard over as shown in the figure
  4.  Jumper the two password jumper pads located on the system board

  5.  Power on the computer to clear the password
  6.  Replace the keyboard and the frame

    NOTE: When replacing the frame, make sure that the frame  fits correctly in place. If it is not in place, the click buttons of the TrackPoint III cannot  be pressed. (See the note in 'Keyboard Unit')

  7.  Replace the screws
  8.  Power on the computer and wait until the POST ends
  9.  Verify that the password prompt does not appear.
  10.  To reactivate the password, set the password again.

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