Diagnostic Error Codes (2640)

Diagnostic Error Codes

If an error is detected, the following appears.:


The device Id and error code are used to indicate the detailed portion of the FRU that caused the error. If replacing a FRU does not correct the problem, see the device ID or error code from the previous failure. If they have changed, the cause might be that the new FRU is defective or that the FRU was incorrectly installed.

Device ID: If an error is detected by the diagnostic tests, a three digits ID is displayed. The device ID indicates suspect device.

Icon Device ID Suspected Device
System Board 001 System Board
System Board 003 Keyboard
System Board 007 Math Coprocessor
System Board 086 Pointing Device
Memory 002 Memory
Display 050 Display
HDD 017 Hard Disk Drive
FDD-1 006 External Diskette Drive
or FDD Connector of the
FDD-1 066 External Diskette Drive
or FDD Connector of the
port replicator
PCMCIA-2 088 External PC Card (PCMCIA)
Parallel 009 Parallel port
Serial 011, 012 Serial
USB-1 154 Universal Serial Bus
USB-2 155 External Universal Serial Bus
Infrared 103 Infrared (IR)
Audio 150 Audio (ESS)

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