Running Diagnostics (3547)

Running Diagnostics

The SelectaDock Docking System Options Diskette helps you troubleshoot the expansion unit, SCSI adapter, and SCSI device problems through a series of menus.

Run the diagnostics after you have completed the installation of the SelectaDock Docking System and SCSI devices to verify these devices work correctly. Do the following:
  1.  Power-off the computer, the SelectaDock Docking System, and external SCSI devices.
  2.  Insert the Option Diskette into drive A.
  3.  Power-on all attached external SCSI devices,  the computer, then the SelectaDock Docking System.
  4.  The Logo Screen appears.
  5.  After a few seconds the Main Menu appears.
  6.  Select a device for testing and go to the respective section.

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