Symptom-to-FRU Index (3547)

Symptom-to-FRU Index

The Symptom-to-FRU Index lists error symptoms and possible causes. The most likely cause is listed first.

NOTE: Replace the FRUs one at a time in the sequence shown in the FRUs of the SelectaDock Docking System Sequence of Action column. If a replaced part did not resolve the problem, put the original part back in the SelectaDock Docking System. Do not replace non-defective parts.

Always begin with 'General Preparation' This index also can be used to help you decide which FRUs to have available when servicing the SelectaDock Docking System.

Numeric error codes show the errors detected in the POST or system operation. Xs, when included in the error code, can be any number.

FRU codes are used for errors detected by diagnostic tests.
If no error codes are available, use narrative symptoms.
If the symptom is not listed or you cannot correct the problem using this index, go to 'Undetermined Problems'.
If you cannot correct the problem using this index, go to 'Undetermined Problems'.

  1.  Before replacing any SCSI device, verify  that there are no duplicate SCSI ID settings.
  2.  Make sure that there are no conflicts of hardware settings,  such as, interrupt level, memory address, DMA channel,  and I/O address.
  3.  If you have both an error message and an  incorrect audio response, diagnose the error message first.
  4.  If you cannot run the advanced diagnostic tests, but did receive a  POST error message, diagnose the POST error message.
  5.  If you did not receive an error message,  look for a description of your  error symptoms in the first part of this index.
  6.  Check all power supply voltages before you  replace the main card, riser card, and audio card of the SelectaDock Docking System.  (See 'Power Supply'.)

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