Indicator-Related Symptoms (3547)

Indicator-Related Symptoms
Symptom/Error    SelectaDock Docking System FRUs
     Sequence of Actions
   Power-good light does not turn on,    See 'Undetermined Problems'
   fan does not run, and the computer  
   is not functional.  
   Computer is functional and the fan runs, 1. Check the connector of LCD Group
   but the power on indicator does not turn on. 2. Main Card
  3. Go to 'Power Supply'.
   LCD (SelectaDock Docking System) 1. 2.5-inch hard disk drive
   for the hard disk drive stays on.     in the UltraBay of the
      SelectaDock Docking System
   LCD (SelectaDock Docking System) 1. Check the connector of LCD Group
   for the hard disk drive is not working, 2. LCD Circuit Board Group
   but the SelectaDock Docking System 3. Main card
   is functional.  

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