Other Symptoms (3547)

Other Symptoms
Symptom/Error    SelectaDock Docking System FRUs
     Sequence of Actions
   Computer does not work, the    See 'Undetermined Problems'
   power-on indicator does not turn on,  
   but the fan runs.  
   Program-load error during remote IPL    Network Adapter
   from the file servicer.  
   Intermittent failures.    Do the loop test.
     See 'How to Run the Diagnostics'
   The HDD-3 is not recognized 1. Remove the hard disk
   and no error codes appear     password for the
   on the screen.     ThinkPad hard disk
   (The password of the HDD-3 is still set.)     as follows:
   NOTE: The HDD-3 icon indicates the     a. Install the second
   2.5-inch ThinkPad hard disk drive     hard disk drive on
   installed in SelectaDock     the computer.
   Docking System.     b. Remove the hard disk

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