How to Run the Keyboard Test (SelectaDock II)

How to Run the Keyboard Test

Use the following procedure to run the keyboard key test.

  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Remove the external keyboard, if one is attached.
  3.  Press and hold F1, then power-on the computer.  Hold F1 until the Easy-Setup screen appears.
  4.  Select Test and press Enter. The basic  diagnostic screen appears.
  5.  Press Ctrl+A to go to the advanced diagnostic screen.
  6.  Press Ctrl+K. A keyboard picture appears  on the screen.
  7.  When you press a key, a mark appears or disappears on  the corresponding key position on the screen.  Repeat this step for any keys that need to be tested.
  8.  To exit the test, press Esc or select the cancel icon.

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