Errors during the POST (SelectaDock II - III)

Errors during the POST

If the POST detects an error, a three- to eight-digit error code displays.

Memory Errors

If the POST detects a memory error in the first 640 KB of system memory, all the first bank memory is deallocated and the test continues with the second 640 KB of memory. If the total amount of error-free memory becomes less than 2 MB, a 2XX POST error occurs and the system stops. All the remaining memory is used as system memory. When the POST memory test has completed, the usable memory size is compared with the configuration data. If a mismatch is detected, a 2XX error code occurs.
The user can continue with system operation by pressing Esc, and F1 after restart and call for service at a later time.

The memory that is deallocated because of the POST process is kept by the hibernation or suspend functions. For this memory to be tested, it must be reconfigured as part of the original memory size. You Configure by turning the power off and on.

Deallocation support is done only by the POST for memory errors. All irrecoverable memory errors that occur during normal operation cause an interrupt to the operating system.

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