Diagnostics for the SelectaDock Docking System (SelectaDock II)

Diagnostics for the SelectaDock Docking System

The SelectaDock Docking System Options Diskette helps you troubleshoot the expansion unit, SCSI adapter, and SCSI device problems through a series of menus.

Run the diagnostics to verify operation of the SelectaDock Docking System and SCSI devices. Do the following:
  1.  Power-off the computer on the SelectaDock Docking System and external SCSI devices.
  2.  Insert the Option Diskette (the diskette is shipped with the SelectaDock) into drive A.
  3.  Power-on all attached external SCSI devices and  the computer on the SelectaDock Docking System.
  4.  The Logo Screen appears.
  5.  After a few seconds the Main Menu appears.
  6.  Select a device for testing and go to the respective section.

Testing the Expansion Unit
  1.  The Test Selection Menu appears when you select Test Expansion Unit on the Main Menu.


  2.  Select an item on the screen and follow the instructions that  appear on the screen.

Testing the SCSI Subsystem

NOTE: If a SCSI adapter is installed in an PCI adapter card slot, remove it before running the SCSI diagnostic program.
  1.  When you select Test SCSI Subsystem on the Main  Menu, the diagnostics program checks the system configuration for  SCSI devices and displays the following if no SCSI controller is found.

     If a SCSI controller is found, the computer goes on to initialize the  SCSI devices. The following is displayed whether a SCSI controller is found or not:


  2.  If the initialization fails, the following screen appears:

     If the initialization ends successfully, the following screen  appears. Select an item.


  3.  The SCSI Devices Test Menu appears.  Select one of the devices.

     The device name may be any of the following:

     The SCSI controller of SelectaDock Docking System appears as ID7 on the screen.

  4.  If a SCSI device exists and a test medium is required to test  the SCSI device, the following pop-up menu appears
     (in this example, a SCSI tape drive).


  5.  Insert the requested medium and wait approximately 30 seconds  until the medium is loaded.
     The test begins and the following  pop-up menu appears.


  6.  The test begins and the following pop-up menu appears:


  7.  If the test is successful, the following appears:

     If the test is unsuccessful, the following appears:


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