Undetermined Problems (SelectaDock II - III)

Undetermined Problems

Use the following procedure when the diagnostic tests do not identify the failing adapter or device.

Check that all cables, wires, and connectors are connected so that they do not cause a short circuit. If any problems are found, reconnect or replace them.

Check the power supply for correct operation (see Power Supply). If the power supply is operating correctly, return here and continue with the following procedure:
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Remove or disconnect the following adapters or devices  one at a time from the SelectaDock Docking System.  (Do not isolate adapters or devices that are known to be good.)

    1.  Non-IBM devices.
    2.  A modem, printer, mouse, external keyboard, external display,  external diskette drive, numeric keypad, or other external devices.
    3.  Any adapter.

      NOTE:   Removing an adapter or device may cause configuration errors.  Ignore error code 174.

    4.  SCSI device.
    5.  Hard disk drive.

  3.  Power-on the system and check if the problem has changed.
  4.  If the symptom remains, repeat steps 1 through 3 until you find  the failing adapter or device,  or until all adapters or devices have been removed.
  5.  If all adapters or devices have been removed and the problem remains,  replace the following the SelectaDock Docking System FRUs one at a time.

    NOTE:   If a replaced FRUs do not resolve the problem,  put the original FRU back in the SelectaDock Docking System. Do not replace nondefective  FRUs.

    1.  Riser card
    2.  Main card
    3.  SelectaDock Docking System audio card

If the problem goes away when you remove an adapter, but replacing the adapter does not correct the problem, replace the main card of the SelectaDock Docking System.

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