Parts List 3547 (SelectaDock III)

Parts List
Index    FRU P/N
1 Connector cover    73H7450
   2 Rear cover    12J2493
   3 Bezel (See Upper Cover Group)    11J8829
   4 Device space by frame    82H6729
   5 Cables (See Cable Group)    11J8833
   6 Riser card    11J8831
   7 Main card (See Main Card Assembly)    11J8832
   8 Audio card    12J2494
   9 DC-DC card    12J2495
   10 Base cover    11J8828
   11 USB card    12J2496
   12 Speaker assembly    39H7446
   13 Shield cover (See Main card assembly)    11J8832
   14 Power supply (See Power supply group)    11J8827
   15 Bracket (See Power supply group)    11J8827
   16 Upper cover (See Upper cover group)    11J8829
   17 UltraBay II tray    11J8834
Cable group    11J8833
   (Includes the following:)  
   SCSI cable  
   IDE cables  
   Audio cable  
   USB cable  
   Wake-on signal cable  
Upper cover group    11J8829
   (Includes the following:)  
   Upper cover  
   LCD Indicator  
Power supply group    11J8827
   (Includes the following:)  
   Power supply  
Main card assembly    11J8832
   (Includes the following:)  
   Main card  
   Shield cover  
   Miscellaneous kit    39H7447

   SelectaDock Base Model I    39H7416
   SelectaBase 770    11J8822
   SelectaBase PC Card Enabler    11J8823

Power Cords


  Use the power cord certified for your country.

1 Colombia, U.S., Venezuela    13F9959
    1 Japan, 2-pin    6454377
    1 Japan, 3-pin    65F0031
    2 Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K.    14F0033
    3 France, Germany, Spain    13F9979
    4 Italy    14F0069
    5 Australia, New Zealand    13F9940
    6 Denmark    13F9997
    7 Israel    14F0087
    8 Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,  
   South Africa    14F0015
    9 Switzerland    14F0051
   10 Thailand    1838574

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