Port Replicator Checkout (2640-560x - 60x, 70x)

Port Replicator Checkout

Use the following procedure to isolate a port replicator problem. A port replicator attaches to the system expansion connector at the bottom of the computer.
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Remove the failing devices from the port replicator.
  3.  Unplug the AC adapter from the replicator, if attached.
  4.  Remove the port replicator from the computer.
  5.  Reconnect the failing device directly to the computer.  (If another device occupies the connector, remove it first.)
  6.  Go to 'Running the Diagnostics' and follow run the diagnostics.
  7.  If the advanced diagnostic device test does not find an error,  suspect a problem with the port replicator  or the system expansion bus.
  8.  Power-off the computer and reconnect the port replicator.
  9.  Power-on the computer and run the following advanced diagnostic tests:

  10.  If diagnostic errors appear, replace the port replicator or diskette  drive.

     If the problem remains after the replacement, replace the  system board.

  11.  If power problems appear only when using the replicator, replace the  replicator.

If power shutdown occurs intermittently when using PC Card devices via port replicator, suspect an over-current problem. Some PC Card devices use more power, if the maximum usage of each device occurs simultaneously the total current will exceed the limit, thereby causing a power shutdown. Isolate this problem by removing one of the devices, and use the computer under the same condition, and see whether a power shutdown occurs. Do this procedure for all devices to determine the cause.

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