1080 Hard Disk Drive (2640-560x - 60x, 70x)

Hard Disk Drive
  Do not drop or apply any shock to the hard disk drive
The hard disk drive is sensitive to physical shock. Incorrect handling can cause damage and permanent loss of data on the hard disk. Before removing the hard disk drive, have the user make a backup copy of all information on the hard disk. Never remove the hard disk drive while the system is operating or is in suspend mode.
Remove the hard disk drive exactly as shown in the figure. Do not apply any extra force to the hard disk drive when removing it.


 |Step|Qty |Torque |  Screw No.

   1    1    4kgcm   

   5    2    3kgcm   

NOTE: Make sure you use the correct screw, and tighten it firmly to the torque shown in the table if you have a torque screwdriver.
Never use a screw that you removed. Use a new one. Make sure the screw is tightened firmly.
(see Screw Tightening Information if you do not have a torque screwdriver.)

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