Memory Checkout (2625 365X, XD - 2635 380-385)

Memory Checkout

DIMM cards are available for increasing memory capacity.

DIMM Displayed Value
2625 365X, XD
Displayed Value
2635 380-385
No DIMM installed 7808KB 16000KB
8MB 16000KB 24192KB
16MB 24192KB 32384KB
32MB 40576KB 48768KB

Memory errors might stop system operations, show error messages on the screen, or hang the system.

Use the following procedure to isolate memory problems.

NOTE: Make sure that the DIMM is fully installed into the connector. Both latches must be latched completely. A loose connection can cause error code 195.

  1.  Power off the computer and remove the DIMM from its  slot (if installed).
  2.  Press and hold the F1 key, then power on the computer.  Hold the F1 key down until the Easy-Setup screen appears.
  3.  Select Test and press Enter.
  4.  Select Memory and press Enter to  run the memory test on base memory. If an error appears, replace the  system board.
  5.  Power off the computer and reinstall the DIMM, then power on the  computer. Verify the memory size, then test the memory. If an error  appears, replace the DIMM.

If memory problems occur intermittently, make sure the DIMM socket latches are latched completely. If the DIMM latches are securely latched, use the loop option to repeat the test. When the test detects an error, an error log is printed on the printer connected to the parallel port.

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