Numeric Error Codes (2625 365X, XD - 2635 380-385)

  Numeric Error Codes

Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
10X 1. System Board
   101 Interrupt failure.  
   102 Timer failure.  
   103 Timer interrupt failure.  
   104 Protected mode failure.  
   105 Last 8042 command not accepted.  
   107 NMI test failure.  
   108 Timer bus test failure.  
   109 Low meg-chip select test.  
110 1. Go to 'Memory Checkout'
   (Planar parity.) 2. DIMM
  3. The computer is attached to a Port Replicator.
  4. System Board
111 1. Go to 'Memory Checkout'
   (I/O parity.) 2. Port Replicator
  3. System Board
158 1. Set an HDP for the hard disk drive.
   (HDP was not set even though  
   the supervisor password is set.)  
159 1. Set a correct HDP for the hard disk drive.
   (HDP is not set the same  
   as the supervisor password.)  
161 1. Go to 'Checking the Backup Battery'.
   (Dead battery.) 2. Backup Battery
  3. System Board
163 1. Set Time and Date.
   (Time and Date were not set.) 2. Backup Battery
  3. System Board
173 1. Select OK in the error screen,
   (Configuration data was lost.)     then set the time and date
  2. Backup Battery
  3. System Board
174 1. Check Device Configuration.
   (Configuration error: Perform 2. System Board
   'Checking the Installed Devices List' 3. Diskette Drive Assembly
   before changing any FRUs.) 4. Hard Disk Drive Assembly
175, 177, 178 1. System Board
   175 EEPROM CRC #1 error.  
   177 Supervisor password check sum error.  
   178 EEPROM is not functional.  
183 1. Have the user examine the password.
   (Incorrect password entered  
   at the supervisor  
   password prompt.)  
184 1. Reset the POP (power-on password) in Easy-Setup.
   (POP check sum error.)  
185 1. Reset the startup sequence
   (The startup sequence is not     in Easy-Setup.
   valid. Suspect that power was  
   off when the startup sequence  
   was being updated.)  
186 1. System Board
188 1. Set the system identification
   (EEPROM CRC #2 error.)     using the ThinkPad Hardware Maint.
190 1. Go to 'Checking the Battery Pack'
   (Depleted battery pack was  
   installed when the power was on.)  
191XX 1. System Board
   (PM initialization error.) 2. CPU card
195 1. Check if the configuration was changed.
   (The configuration read     For example, check if the hard disk drive
   from the hibernation area     is from another computer
   does not match the     Also, when a DIMM card has been installed,
   the actual configuration.)     unsecured DIMM latches can result in this error.
      Make sure the DIMM is securely seated and fully
      latched into place.
196 1. Run the hard disk drive test.
   (Read error occurred in the 2. Hard Disk Drive
   hibernation area of the HDD.)  
199XX 1. System Board
   (Resume error.)  
1XX 1. System Board
2XX 1. Go to 'Memory Checkout'.
   201 Memory data error. 2. DIMM
   202 Memory line error 00-15. 3. System Board
   203 Memory line error 16-23.  
   205 Memory test failure on on-board memory.  
   221 ROM to RAM remap error.  
301, 303, 304, 305, 3XX 1. Go to 'Keyboard/Aux. Input Device Checkout'
   (301: Keyboard error.) 2. Keyboard
  3. External Numeric Keypad
  4. External Keyboard
  5. Keyboard/Mouse Cable
  6. Keyboard Card
  7. System Board
601, 6XX 1. Go to 'Diskette Drive Test'.
   (601: Diskette drive 2. Diskette Drive Assembly
   or controller error.) 3. Diskette
  4. System Board
602 1. Go to 'Diskette Drive Test'.
   (Diskette read error.) 2. Diskette
  3. Diskette Drive Assembly
604 1. Go to 'Diskette Drive Test'.
   (Unacceptable ID was read 2. Diskette Drive Assembly
   from the diskette drive.) 3. System Board
11XX 1. Serial Device
   1101: Serial_A test failure. 2. Communication Cable
  3. System Board
12XX 1. System Board
   1201: Serial_B test failure.  
17XX 1. Hard Disk Drive
   1701 Hard disk controller failure. 2. System Board
   1780, 1790 Hard disk 0 error.  
   1781, 1791 Hard disk 1 error.  
24XX 1. System Board
   (2401: System board video error.)  
808X 1. Reseat the PCMCIA Connector.
   8081 PCMCIA presence 2. PCMCIA Slot Assembly
   test failure. 3. PCMCIA Device
   (PCMCIA revision number 4. System Board
   also checked.)  
   8082 PCMCIA register  
   test failure.  
860X 1. External Mouse
   (Pointing device error 2. External Keyboard
   when TrackPoint III is 3. System Board
   8601 System bus error-8042  
   mouse interface.  
   8602 External mouse error.  
   8603 System bus error or mouse error.  
861X 1. Reseat the keyboard connector.
   (Pointing device error 2. Reseat the keyboard TrackPoint III
   when TrackPoint III is enabled.)     cable on the keyboard card.
   8611 System bus error-I/F     See '1070 Keyboard Unit'.
   between 8042 and IPDC. 3. Keyboard
   8612 TrackPoint error. 4. External Mouse
   8613 System board or 5. 4System Board
   TrackPoint error.  
I9990301 1. Reseat the boot device.
   I9990302 2. Check the startup sequence for
   I9990305     the correct boot device.
   I9990301 Hard disk error. 3. Check that the operating system has
   I9990302 Invalid hard disk     no failure and is installed correctly.
   boot record.  
   I9990305 No bootable device.  
I9990303 1. System Board
   (Bank 2 flash ROM check sum error.)  
Other codes not listed above 1. Go to 'Undetermined Problems'.

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