Beep Symptoms (2625 365X, XD - 2635 380-385)

Beep Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   Continuous beeps.    System Board
   One beep and a blank, 1. Reseat the LCD connector.
   unreadable, or flashing LCD. 2. LCD Assembly
  3. System Board
   One beep, and the message 1. Boot device
   'Unable to access boot source'. 2. System Board
   One long beep, two short beeps, 1. System Board
   and a blank or unreadable LCD. 2. LCD Unit
   One long beep followed by    Connect the AC Adapter or install
   four short beeps each time    a fully charged battery.
   the power switch is operated.  
   (System cannot power on  
   because of low battery voltage.)  
   One beep every second.    Connect the AC Adapter or install
   (System shuts down because    a fully charged battery (allows
   of low battery voltage.)    system to complete shutdown before
     changing the battery)
   Two short beeps with error codes.    POST error. See 'Numeric Error Codes'
   Two short beeps with blank screen.    System Board

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