Fn Key Combinations (2625 365X, XD - 2635 380-385)

Fn Key Combinations

The following table shows the Fn key and function key combinations and their corresponding functions.

The Fn key works independently from the operating system.
The operating system obtains the status through the system management interface to control the system.

Fn + Description
F1 Reserved
F2 Fuel-Gauge display ON/OFF
F3 Standby mode invocation
F4 Suspend mode invocation
F5 Reserved
F6 Reserved
F7 LCD/CRT display switching
F8 Reserved if TP-2625
TP-2635 = Screen expansion on
or off (no symbol on the key)
F9 Reserved
F10 Reserved
F11 Power management mode switching
(Toggles between High Power, Auto,
and Customize settings.)
F12 Hibernation invocation
Page Up Reserved
Page Down Reserved

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