Parts Listing (2625 365X,XD)

Parts Listing (365X, 365XD) DISKETTE Model
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Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Panel - See TFT LCD Panel  
   or DSTN LCD Panel  
   2 Top Cover    69H7919
   3 Keyboard - See Keyboards  
   4 Battery Pack    41H7438
   5 Hard Disk Drive (720 MB)    85G8371
   Hard Disk Drive (810 MB)    39H2220
   Hard Disk Drive (1.08 GB)    39H2221
   Hard Disk Drive (1.35 GB)    73H6419
   Bracket Kit (HDD)    74H0238
   6 Keyboard Card Assembly    69H7913
   7 Miscellaneous Cable Kit:    74H0574
   Keyboard Card to System Board  
   FDD to System Board (365X)  
   8 CPU Card Assembly (Pentium-100)    69H7912
   CPU Card Assembly (Pentium-120)    74H0237
   CPU Card Assembly (Pentium-133)    82H8162
   9 System Board Card Assembly  
   with Audio (69H7908)    83H7117
   10 Port Replicator Cap    69H7906
   11 Base Cover Assembly (69H7903)    83H7119
   12 PCMCIA Card Slot Cover    69H7904
   13 Keyboard Latch (L/R)    82H8177
   14 FDD Bezel    83H5275
   15 Power Switch (Incl. in Misc.Base Parts)    69H7916
   16 Rear I/O Connector Cover    69H7905
   17 Speaker/Volume/Cable Assembly    74H0573
   18 Diskette Drive (2 mode)    69H7926
   Diskette Drive (3 mode, Japan)    74H0232
   19 Cosmetic Shield    82H8172
   20 TrackPoint III Cap set    84G6536
   21 LED Indicator Card    69H7914
   Real-Time Clock Backup Battery    46H4132
   Miscellaneous Base Parts:    69H7916
   Cover Support Bracket, Screw Caps,  
   Power Switch Knob, Power Switch Bracket,  
   EMI Bracket, EMI Top Plate,  
   System Insulator, Base Insulator,  
   Base Right Clip  
   Miscellaneous Logic Parts:    69H7915
   CPU Spacer, CPU Heat Sink  
   I/O Connector Bracket,  
   Port Replicator Bracket  
   Foot (Tilt)    74H0571

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