Model 365XD - CD-ROM Drive

Parts Listing (365X, 365XD) CD-ROM Model
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Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Panel - See TFT LCD Panel  
   or DSTN LCD Panel  
   2 Top Cover    69H7919
   3 Keyboard - See Keyboards  
   4 Battery Pack    41H7438
   5 Hard Disk Drive (720 MB)    85G8371
   Hard Disk Drive (810 MB)    39H2220
   Hard Disk Drive (1.08 GB)    39H2221
   Hard Disk Drive (1.35 GB)    73H6419
    Bracket Kit (HDD)    74H0238
   6 Keyboard Card Assembly    69H7913
   7 Misc. Cable Kit:    74H0574
   Keyboard Card to System Board  
   CD-ROM to system board (365XD)  
   8 CPU Card Assembly (Pentium-100)    69H7912
   CPU Card Assembly (Pentium-120)    74H0237
   CPU Card Assembly (Pentium-133)    82H8162
   9 System Board Card Assembly  
   with Audio (69H7908)    83H7117
   10 Port Replicator Cap    69H7906
   11 Base Cover Assembly (69H7903)    83H7119
   12 PCMCIA Card Slot Cover    69H7904
   13 Keyboard Latch (L/R)    82H8177
   14 Power Switch (Incl. in Misc.Base Parts)    69H7916
   15 Rear I/O Connector Cover    69H7905
   16 Speaker/Volume/Cable Assembly    74H0573
   17 CD-ROM Drive (X4 Speed)  
   (OPT P/N 73H7225)    69H7925
   CD-ROM Drive (X6 Speed)    82H8160
   CD-ROM Drive (X8 Speed)  
   (OPT P/N 83H6726 - MFG P/N 83H5263)    82H8173
   18 Cosmetic Shield    82H8172
   19 TrackPoint III Cap set    84G6536
   20 LED Indicator Card    69H7914
   Real-Time Clock Backup Battery    46H4132
   Misc. Base Parts:    69H7916
   Cover Support Bracket, Screw Caps,  
   Power Switch Knob, Power Switch Bracket,  
   EMI Bracket, EMI Top Plate,  
   System Insulator, Base Insulator,  
   Base Right Clip  
   Misc. Logic Parts:    69H7915
   CPU Spacer, CPU Heat Sink  
   I/O Connector Bracket,  
   Port Replicator Bracket  
   Foot (Tilt)    74H0571

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