Checking the Standby Battery (9546, 9547)

Checking the Standby Battery
  1.  Power-off the computer and unplug the AC Adapter  from the computer.
  2.  Open the keyboard, remove the  diskette drive/CD-ROM drive, the battery pack, and hard disk drive.
  3.  Remove the top cover and keyboard unit.
  4.  Open the keyboard unit and remove the keyboard card.
  5.  Remove the standby battery from the keyboard card.  (Refer to 'Backup Battery, Speaker, Standby Battery' to remove the battery.)
      Be careful not to cause a short circuit when measuring  the voltage.

  6.  Measure the voltage of the standby battery.

  7.  Plug the AC Adapter  into the computer and power-on the computer.
  8.  Measure the output voltage at the connector on the system board.


    Pin Voltage (Vdc)
    + +4.0
    - Ground


  9.  Ensure that the AC Adapter is plugged into  the computer, then power-on the computer.
  10.  Charging of the standby battery starts.  A depleted battery needs approximately 30  minutes to be recharged to the operational voltage of +3.5 Vdc.
  11.  Unplug the AC Adapter.
  12.  Verify the standby battery function by removing and installing  the battery pack during suspend mode.

    NOTE:   Removing and installing the battery pack during suspend mode should be done within one minute.  The resume operation must start.  If the  resume operation does not work, switching of power from the battery  pack to standby battery  will not be correct. Replace the DC/DC card.

     If replacing the DC/DC card does not resolve the problem, replace  the system board.

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