DSP-Related Symptoms (9546, 9547)

DSP-Related Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   In OS/2, DOS, or Windows multimedia programs, 1. Reseat the DSP card.
   no sound comes from the computer. 2. Go to 'DSP Card Checkout' and check the DSP card.
   (Only system beeps are heard at power-on.) 3. Check that the device driver is installed correctly.
   In OS/2, DOS, or Windows, 1. Check that the DSP Modem is active.
   the modem does not work. 2. OS/2 and Windows: 
      Click the DSP Modem icon in the
      ThinkPad Feature program.
      Run the MWMODEM ON command.
  3. Reseat the DAA module.

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