1120 Video Card (9546, 9547)

1120 Video Card

NOTE: In step 1,

gently pushing the area  ,

lift the switch cover halfway up  ,
as shown.
Then pull the switch lever out to remove




NOTE: In step 5, gently push the levers to avoid flexing them.

NOTE: When removing the video card from the base cover 12, first gently raise the side of the video card facing the interior of the base cover, then pull out the video card.

  Check the model. There are two models of 760ED: one has a s-video card built in, and the other has an enhanced video card built in. If you install the incorrect video card, the LCD will not work. Check to be sure which 760ED model you are servicing.

S-Video Card

Enhanced Video Card

NOTE: Remove the 4 mm screws at both ends of the MIDI/joystick port connector (17).

When replacing the video card, align the power switch and power actuator 2. Check that the power switch operates correctly before tightening any screws.

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