Function/Audio-Related Symptoms (2635 380-385)

Function/Audio-Related Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   The system does not suspend or resume 1. Go to 'Suspend Mode' and check that the computer
   when the LCD is opened or closed.     can enter suspend mode.
  2. Boot an operating system and press Fn+F4.
      If the computer enters suspend mode, suspect that the
      application program is not working properly.
  3. Subcard
  4. System board
   Battery fuel gauge does not 1. Go to 'Checking the Battery Pack' and see the note.
   go higher than 90%.  
   Memory count (size) appears 1. Go to 'Memory Checkout'.
   different from actual size.  
   System configuration does not 1. Go to 'Checking the Installed Devices List'.
   match the installed devices.  
   System hangs intermittently. 1. Go to 'Intermittent Problems'.

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