Peripheral Device Related Symptoms (765D-9546 765L-9547)

Peripheral Device Related Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   External display does 1. See 'External Display Self-Test' in
   not work correctly.     Common Devices Checkout section
   Printer problems. 1. Run Printer Self-test.
  2. Parallel Port Device
  3. Cable
  4. System Board
   Serial or parallel port device problems. 1. Device
  2. Device Cable
  3. System Board
   External diskette drive does 1. Reseat the external FDD connector
   not work correctly, or     NOTE: When reseating the external FDD connector,
   internal diskette drive is not     a. Remove the connector
   recognized.     b. Insert the flexible cable straight until the
      white line aligns with the edge of the connector.
      c. Replace the screws of the connector.
      Be careful not to damage the edge of the flexible
      cable when inserting it into the connector


  2. External diskette drive
  3. Make sure that the diskette is not damaged.

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