Checking the Battery Pack (2600-310/310D/310E/310ED)

Checking the Battery Pack

Do the following:
  1.  Power off the computer.
  2.  Remove the battery pack and measure the voltage between battery  terminals 1 (+) and 6 (-).


    Terminal Voltage (Vdc) / Signal
    1 +0 to +13
    2 ID
    3 Thermal
    4 Data
    5 Reserved
    6 Ground

    NOTE: Signal lines, not used in these steps, are used for communication  between the system and the battery.

  3.  If the voltage is less than +11Vdc, the battery pack has been discharged.  Recharge the battery pack.

     If the voltage is still less than +11Vdc after recharging, replace the battery.

NOTE: If the voltage of the battery pack is 0V, it might be not defective.

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