Power Management-Related Symptoms (2600-310/310D/310E/310ED)

Power Management-Related Symptoms

Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   The system will not enter 1. Go to 'Hibernation Mode'
   hibernation. 2. Ensure the 'System Hibernation Timer' in the Power
      Management Settings' of BIOS Utility is not set to [OFF].
  3. Boot an operating system and press Fn+F8 and see if the
      if the computer enters hibernation mode.
  4. Keyboard connector board
  5. Keyboard
  6. Hard disk connector board
  7. Hard disk drive
  8. System board
   The system will not wake 1. Keyboard connector board
   up from hibernation. 2. Keyboard
  3. Hard disk connector board
  4. Hard disk drive
  5. System board
   The system will not enter 1. Ensure the 'System Standby Timer' in the
   standby after closing the LCD     Power Management Settings of BIOS Utility is
      not set to [OFF].
  2. Chassis (LCD cover switch on chassis)
  3. System board
   The system will not resume 1. Chassis (LCD cover switch on chassis)
   after opening the LCD 2. System board
   Battery fuel gauge does 1. Remove battery pack and let it cool for 2 hours.
   not go higher than 90% 2. Refresh battery (continue to use battery until power off,
      then charge battery).
  3. Battery
  4. Charger board
  5. System board
   System configuration does 1. Enter 'BIOS Utility' to execute Load Setup
   not match the installed     Default Settings, then reboot system
   devices. 2. Reseat Hard disk/diskette/CD-ROM drive connector.
   System hangs intermittently 1. Hard disk/diskette/CD-ROM drive connector
  2. Fan (go to 'Running the Fan Diagnostics Program')
  3. System board
   In DOS or Windows, 1. Go to 'Audio Board Checkout'
   multimedia programs, no 2. Audio connector board
   sound comes from the computer. 3. Chassis (speaker on chassis)
   (Only system beeps are heard 4. System board
   at power on.  

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