Diagnostic Program Disk (2600-310/310D/310E/310ED)

Diagnostic Program Disk

Diagnostic Program Disk contains the following two programs:

Running PQA Diagnostics Program

  Before running PQA Diagnostic program, make sure that the write enable tab of the Diagnostic Program Disk is set to enable.

  Before using PCMCIA Diagnostic in PQA Diagnostic Program, press F2 while the ThinkPad logo is being displayed after power-on to enter the BIOS Utility. Select System Security and set enabled for CardBus Support by pressing the > key.

NOTE: Some test items require the following tools:
   FDD    Erasable 2HD diskette
   Parallel    Wrap plug (P/N 72X8546)
   Serial    Wrap plug (P/N 72X8546)
   PCMCIA    PC test card (P/N 35G4703)
   CD-ROM    Any data and audio CDs
   ThinkPad 310 Diagnostics Diskette (P/N 05L1936)  
   ThinkPad 310 Maintenance Utility Diskette (P/N 05L1770)  

Boot from the Diagnostics Program Disk and select PQA System Diagnostics Program from PC DOS 7.0 Startup Menu. The PQA main menu appears on screen.


Press > or < to move around the main menu. Press Enter to enable the selected option. The main options are Diag, Result, SysInfo, Option and Exit.

The Diag option lets you select testing items and times.

The following screen appears when you select Diag from the main menu.

This screen allows you to specify the number of tests to perform. The options are as follows:

The screen below appears if you select AUTO Test.


Specify the desired number of tests and press Enter

After you specify the number of tests to perform, the screen shows a list of test items (see below).

Press    or    to move the highlight bar from one item to another.
Press Space to enable or disable the item. The > mark indicates that there are available suboptions.
Press Enter to view the available suboptions of each selected item.
Press Esc to close the submenu.

The right corner screen information gives you the available function keys and the specified test number.

NOTE: The F1 and F2 keys function only after you finish configuring the Test option.

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