Setting Inverter ID (2600-310/310D/310E/310ED)

  Setting Inverter ID

There is an EEROM in the inverter which stores its supported LCD type ID code. If you replace the LCD with a different brand, the ID information in the inverter EEROM should be updated.

Follow the steps below to set the LCD Inverter ID:
  1.  Boot from the Utility Program Disk.
  2.  Select Inverter ID Utility from PC DOS 7.0 Startup Menu.
  3.  Follow the instructions on screen to read the current inverter ID code or to set the new  inverter ID code.

    NOTE: When you set a new inverter ID and the new LCD is not yet enabled (to function),  connect an externalmonitor to see the program execution process.

      Make sure the new ID code you choose corresponds  with the LCD brand and type.
     If you select a wrong ID into the inverter, reboot and  rerun the program to input the correct ID code.

  4.  Restart computer - the new LCD should work normally.

NOTE: If LCD cannot display after changing ID code, make sure you write the correct ID code, or try reseating the LCD FPC cable connectors.

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