Parts Listing (310E, 310ED - 2600)

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Parts Listing 2600 / TP 310E, 310ED
Index    FRU P/N
1 Hinge Cover (L)    12J0533
   2 TrackPoint rubber cap (11J8620)    84G6536
   3 Hinge Cover (R)    12J0534
4 Keyboard (incl. TrackPoint rubber cap)  
   Japan    11J8608
   Germany    11J8609
   Slovakia    12J0504
   Portugal    11J8622
   Netherlands    11J8612
   Hungary    12J0506
   France    11J8610
   Italy    11J8611
   Czech    12J0507
   Russia    12J0503
   Spain    11J8614
   U.S.    11J8606
   U.K.    11J8607
   Denmark    02K4322
   Norway    02K4323
   Sweden/Finland    02K4324
   Swiss    02K4325
   Belgium    02K4326
   5 Upper base    11J8565
   6 Diskette drive FPC cable    12J0522
   CD-ROM drive FPC cable    12J0521
   7 Diskette drive bracket    12J0520
   CD-ROM drive bracket    12J0519
   8 Internal diskette drive module  
   (with bracket, bezel, FPC cable and  
   information label)    11J8570
   Internal CD-ROM drive module  
   (with bracket, bezel, FPC cable and  
   information label)    05K8826
   9 Diskette drive bezel    12J0524
   CD-ROM drive bezel    05K4607
   10 incl. in misc.-Mylar pack (12J0514)    05K4881
   11 Fan    05K4605
   12 Audio connector board (with Mylar)    11J8584
   13 Audio connector board FPC cable    11J8585
   14 Chassis  
   (with speaker, LCD cover switch,  
   PCMCIA door and Mylar) (11J8566,05K4655)    05K7071
   15 Battery pack (NIMH)  
   (with information label)    11J8604
   16 Backup battery    11J8591
   17 System board (without charger,  
   CPU, PCMCIA socket and Mylar)    05K3143
   18 Charger board (with Mylar)    11J8582
   19 Hard disk drive module  
   connector board    11J8583
   20 I/O door    12J0529
   21 Lower base (wih I/O door and  
   rubber foot, without information label,  
   TrackPoint board and TrackPoint buttons)    11J8564
   22 Battery pack door    12J0530
   23 DIMM door (wih screw)    12J0532
   24 Hard disk drive door    12J0531
   25 Hard disk drive module  
   lower cover plate  
   (for 12.7mm high HDD 11J8625 use)    12J0512
   Hard disk drive module lower cover plate  
   (for 9.5mm high HDD 05K8825 use)    05K4606
   26 1.6 GB harddisk drive module  
   assembly    05K8825
   2.1 GB harddisk drive module  
   assembly    11J8625
   27 Hard disk drive module upper  
   cover plate (with information label  
   and inside Mylar)    11J8568
   28 DIMM 16 MB EDO    11J8602
   DIMM 32 MB EDO    11J8603
   29 Intel® P55C-133 CPU, MMX™    05K3600
   Intel® P55C-150 CPU, MMX™    05K3601
   30 Keyboard connector board  
   (with Mylar)    11J8586
   31 PCMCIA slots assembly    11J8634
   32 incl. in misc.pack-2    12J0516
   33 incl. in misc.pack-2    12J0516
   34 Battery connector board  
   (with cable)    11J8588
   35 Thermal plate (11J8567)    05K4604
   36 TrackPoint board (with Mylar)    11J8587
   37 TrackPoint board FPC cable    12J0497
   38 incl. in misc.pack-3    12J0517
Screw pack    11J8580
   AC adapter 45W (2-pin)  
   (with information label)    12J0538
   AC adapter 45W (3-pin)  
   (with information label)    12J0539
   External FDD cable    11J8629
   External FDD Module  
   (with information label)    05K8827
Tools and Diskettes  
   Wrap plug (parallel/serial)    72X8546
   PC test card    35G4703
   TP 310/310D diagnostics diskette    05L1769
   TP 310/310D maint.-utility diskette    05L1770

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