DVD-Related Symptoms (TP-770 - 9548/49)

DVD-Related Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   You hear a noise from the 1. DVD drive
   DVD drive when the DVD 2. System board
   disk or compact disk is spinning.  
   The DVD tray does not    Insert a pin into the DVD emergency
   open even if you press the    eject hole and eject the DVD tray.
   DVD eject button.  
   The DVD disc or compact disk    Make sure that:
   cannot be read    ° The DVD disc or compact disc is not dirty. If it is,
      clean it with a CD-ROM cleaner kit.
     ° The DVD disc or compact disc is not defective. If it is,
      try another DVD disc.
     ° The DVD disc is placed in the tray with
      the label side up.
     ° The DVD disc format confirms with one
      of the following:
     - Music CD
     - CD-ROM or CD-ROM XA
     - Multisession photo CD
     - Video CD and CD-i movie (Windows 95 does
      not support CD-i movie)
     - DVD-ROM (DVD-video)
     - DVD-movie with MPEG hardware and software
  1. DVD drive
  2. System board
   The DVD does not work.    Make sure that:
     ° The computer power is turned on and a
      DVD disc or compact disc is in the DVD drive.
     ° The DVD drive connector is firmly
      connected to the computer.
     ° The DVD drive tray is firmly closed.
     ° The device drivers are correctly installed.
     ° If the DVD drive in the IBM ThinkPad Dock I
      does not work, do the following:
  1. Click on Start
  2. Move the cursor to Programs and
      ThinkPad, then click on ThinkPad
  3. Click on Docking Station
  4. Make sure that you checked Enable IDE
      device in the docking station.
      NOTE: Do not use IRQ 11 and 15
      for the PCI device setting.
  5. Click on OK
  1. DVD drive
  2. System board

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