Q&A - Advanced Communication Processor (ACP) Modem.

TP 770 - 9549-1Ax Common questions and answers concerning the
Advanced Communication Processor (ACP) modem.

Q I am having problems using my physical COM port, IR port, and modem!
A The ThinkPad 770 allows you to use either the modem and the physical COM port at the same time, or the modem and the IR port. The physical COM port and the IR port share COM 1, and the modem is on COM 2 (on a standard configuration). You can not enable all 3 devices.

Q How fast is my ACP modem ?
A Currently, your ACP modem is a 33.6 data modem, 14.4 fax modem. Your modem is upgradeable to the x2 56K standard. When the standard is finalized, your modem will be upgraded to V.PCM then. Remember that a 56K modem is uni-directional, you can download from 56K capable service providers at speeds up to 56K, but your uploads are limited to 33.6.

Q What is the default initialization for the ACP modem ?
A For your ACP modem, use AT&F as the default initialization string.

Q Problems with PBXs and your ACP modem:
A On some PBX systems, the modem cannot detect the dial tone to dial out. To get past this stumbling block, in the init string, add an X3 after the AT (i.e. AT&FX3)

Q Is the ACP modem upgradeable ?
A Your AVP modem is upgradeable to future technology via software. Watch the Web site http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/support/thinkpad for future upgrades (including to 2x 56K).

Q What countries are currently enabled ?
A Your ThinkPad 770 comes with modem software for the United States, Canada, and Japan. Other countries are available via a downloadable diskette. Check the (above) ThinkPad 770 web site for dates and availibility.

Q I am having problems installing my ACP modem on Windows NT.
A Make sure to read the readme.txt   on your ACP software Disk 1. It contains instructions on how to set up your modem on Windows NT.

Q My machine crashed while I was updating files, and my modem doesn't work now. How do I fix things ?
A If your modem does not work, run the SETUP.EXE   program on your ACP modem Disk 1 to uninstall your software, and then reinstall the software. Please do not try to manually remove the files associated with your modem ! This will only make things harder. Keep in mind that some telephony applications may need to be set up again to find the modem afterwards.

Q Help ! I still can not figure out my problem !
A When in doubt, reboot the machine, and many times, the problem goes away.

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