System Board and CPU Card Checkout (TP 600/600E - 2645)

System Board and CPU Card Checkout

The processing functions are performed by both the system board and the CPU card. Processor problems can be caused by either FRU. However, the CPU card generally has a lower probability of failure. If a numeric code indicates the system board or the CPU card as a failing FRU, or the CPU card is indicated by a diagnostic test by showing FRU code 11, use the following procedure to isolate the problem:

  1.  Run the system board test to verify the symptom. This test verifies  both the system board and the CPU card.
     If no error is detected, return to 'Checkout Guide'.

    NOTE: Don't touch the keyboard and pointing device when the system test is running.  This may cause an unexpected error.

  2.  If FRU code 10 appears, replace the system board but do not replace  the CPU card.
     Remove the CPU card from the old system board and install it to to the new system board.
  3.  If FRU code 11 appears, reseat the CPU card.
  4.  Rerun the test to verify the fix.
  5.  If FRU code 11 remains, replace the CPU card.

If this procedure does not correct the problem, go to 'Undetermined Problems'.

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