TrackPoint III Checkout (TP 380XD, 385XD, 380Z - 2635)

TrackPoint (III) Checkout

If the TrackPoint (III) does not work, do the following:

  1.  Run the ThinkPad Configuration program and check if the configuration of the TrackPoint III is enabled.
  2.  If it is not, select Enable and enable it.
  3.  If you still have a problem, continue to the next step.

    Drifting Pointer There may be cases when the pointer drifts for a short while on the screen. This is  not a hardwareproblem. This movement can occur when a slight, steady pressure is applied to the TrackPoint III pointer.  No service action needs be taken.

  4.  Go to the 'Easy-Setup menu'.
  5.  Move to an item with the TrackPoint.
  6.  Press either the left or the right click button.
  7.  Verify that both buttons work correctly.
  8.  Move to another item with the TrackPoint.
  9.  Press the TrackPoint (Press-to-Select).
  10.  Verify that the item is selected.
  11.  If the problem still persits, do the following one at a time:

      Do not replace a nondefective FRU.

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