1120 Fan (TP 560Z - 2640)

1120 Fan

Apply grease (0.2 grams) over the module.
Refer to step 5, for the location of the module.

  1.  Do not touch the rotor or the blade of the fan when  assembling or disassembling. You may break it.
  2.  Do not pinch the fan cable when re-installing the fan.


Step Size (Quantity) Torque
1 M2 x 8mm, yellow flat-head (2) 2kgcm

When re-installing: Make sure you use the correct screw, and tighten it firmly to the torque shown in the table if you have a torque screwdriver. Never use a screw that you removed. Use a new one. Make sure the screw is tightened firmly (see 'Screw Tightening Information' if you do not have a torque screwdriver).

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