Parts Listing (560Z - 2640)

Parts Listing 560Z - 2640

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Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly  
2 Keyboard Bezel    05K5424
   included parts:  
   ° Keyboard Bezel Assembly  
   ° Hinge Support Bracket (Left/Right)  
   ° Keyboard Bracket (3x)  
3 Keyboards  
   U.S. English    02K4785
   Japanese    02K4786
   U.K. English    02K4787
   Canadian French    02K4788
   German    02K4789
   French    02K4790
   Dutch    02K4791
   Swedish/Finnish    02K4792
   Norwegian    02K4793
   Danish    02K4794
   Italian    02K4795
   Spanish    02K4796
   Swiss    02K4797
   Portuguese    02K4798
   Latin Spanish    02K4799
   Corean    02K4800
   Belgian    02K4801
   Turkish    02K4802
   Taiwan    02K4803
4 TrackPoint Cap    84G6536
5 Speaker    05K5421
6 EMI Bracket I/O    46H4032
7 System Board (32MB) (10L1145)    10L1524
   System Board (64MB) (10L1164)    10L1525
8 CPU Mini Cartridge (233MHz)    10L1023
   CPU Mini Cartridge (300MHz)    10L1150
9 Fan    05K5420
10 Heat Sink    05K5418
11 Card-Bus Slot    05K5422
   Spacer - PCMCIA to Sys-board plug    10L2110
12 Rubber Cap I/O    46H4151
13 Base Cover    05K5417
14 PC Card Cover    12J1691
15 Backup Battery    12J1695
16 FDD Connector Cover    12J1692
17 Hard Disk Drive Assembly  
   4.0GB HDD Assembly (9.5mm) with Spacer    22L0024
   4.0GB HDD Assembly (12.5mm)    83H7085
   6.4GB HDD Assembly (12.5mm)    83H7103
18 HDD Flat Cable    05K2759
19 Battery Pack (46H4144)    02K6539
20 Mechanical Parts    05K5423
   21 Screw Kit    05K5419
   Kit incl.-screws:  
   ° Screw M2-L4-MC/Heat Sink (10x)    4761072
   ° Screw M2-L8-Fan (10x)    4761170
   ° Screw M2-L2 (10x)    05K5571
   ° Screw M2.5-L2 (10x)    05K5572
   ° Screw M2.5-L11 (10x)    05K5575
   External FDD (2-mode)    10H4056
   External FDD (3-mode)    39F2086
   External FDD Cable    12J1711
   AC Adapter (56W)  
   2-Pin    11J8974
   3-Pin    11J8956
   Screw Cap, Front    66G5046
   Screw Cap, Bottom    11J8919

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