Miscellaneous and Option Parts List

Miscellaneous and Option Parts List 560Z - 2640
Miscellaneous Parts    
   FRU Name    FRU P/N
   Screw Kit (including nylon-coated screws)    12J0808
   Screw Kit (M2.5 x 3.5 mm, nylon-coated)    97H3917
   Screw Kit (M2.5 x 6.5 mm, nylon-coated)    97H3918
   Screw Kit (M2.5 x 11.5 mm, nylon-coated)    97H3919
   Screw Kit (LCD)    46H4160
Option Parts  
   1. When you replace the AC Adapter, use the one  
   for the country you are in even if the  
   computer is from a different country.  
   2. The warranty for the system unit does not  
   apply to all options.  
FRU Name    FRU P/N
   Headset    85G1529
   6.4GB HDD Assembly (12.5 mm)    02K0520
   Microphone    66G7871
   PS/2 Miniature Mouse    95F5723
   ThinkPad Port Replicator  
   with Advanced EtherJet Feature  
   Box Assembly (05K4874)    05K6161
   Upper Cover Assembly    05K4875
   ThinkPad 560 Port Replicator I    05K4645
   DIMM 16MB (60 ns)    01K1115
   DIMM 32MB (60 ns)    42H2769
   DIMM 64MB (60 ns)    42H2817
   Interface Cable to System for Keyboard    84G2531
   Interface Cable to Keyboard for Keypad    84G2532
   Mini-DIN to Mini-DIN Cable    84G6474
Numeric Keypad  
   FRU Name    FRU P/N
   Belgian    95F5741
   Canadian French    95F5466
   Danish    95F5467
   Dutch    95F5467
   French    95F6313
   German    95F6314
   Greek    95F5467
   Hebrew    95F5741
   Icelandic    95F5467
   Italian    95F6316
   Japanese    79F6401
   Norwegian    95F5467
   Spanish    95F6315
   Swedish or Finnish    95F5468
   Swiss French    95F5711
   Swiss German    95F5715
   Turkish    95F5467
   U.K. English    95F5741
   U.S. English    95F5741
Black Keypad  
   FRU Name    FRU P/N
   French    84G6286
   German    84G6280
   Italian    84G6292
   Norwegian    84G6310
   Swedish    84G6304
   U.K. English    84G6298
   U.S. English    84G2530
Black Keyboard  
   FRU Name    FRU P/N
   French    84G6285
   German    84G6279
   Italian    84G6291
   Norwegian    84G6309
   Swedish    84G6303
   U.K. English    84G6297
   U.S. English    84G2529
   FRU Name    FRU P/N
   Keyboard/Mouse Y-Cable    54G0444
   FRU Name    FRU P/N
   Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PC Test Card    35G4703
   USB Parallel Test Cable    05K2580
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598
   Torque Screwdriver    05K4695
   5mm Socket Wrench    05K4694
   Screwdriver    05K4693

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