Parts Listing (380Z - 2635)

Parts Listing 380Z - 2635

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Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly  
2 LCD Cable Holder  
   (incl. in LCD Misc. Parts)    05K5503
3 Stereo Speaker Assembly    05K5498
4 ESD Spring    05K5499
5 Support Plate  
   (incl. in Base Misc. Parts Kit)    05K5696
6 Right Shield Case    05K5237
7 Fan    05K5494
8 Air Duct  
   (incl. in Base Misc. Parts)    05K5696
9 MMO Spacer  
   (only for 2635-Dxx/Exx/Fxx)    05K5234
10 Thermal Rubber    05K5235
11 CPU Card 233 MHz    10L0888
   CPU Card 300 MHz    10L1020
12 Heat Sink    05K4747
13 Connector Bracket  
   (incl. in CD/Diskette Drive Bracket Kit)    05K4751
14 CD/Diskette Drive Connector Assembly  
   (with-CD model) (05K2709)    05K2767
15 CD-ROM/Diskette Drive Assembly  
   see below in HDD/CD-ROM/Diskette Drive  
16 Connector Cover    05K4744
17 Backup Battery    02K6498
18 SO-DIMM 16MB 60ns    01K1115
   SO-DIMM 32MB 60ns    42H2769
   SO-DIMM 64MB 60ns    42H2817
19 Memory Slot Cover    05K4758
20 Battery Pack    02K6509
   21 Base Cover Assembly    05K4743
22 Battery Pack Lock Assembly    05K4775
23 Power Switch Knob  
   (incl. in Base Misc. Parts)    05K5696
24 Hard Disk Drive  
   see below in HDD/CD-ROM/Diskette Drive  
25 Lower Shield Case    05K4745
26 HDD Lid    05K5496
27 HDD Lid Coin Screw    05K4754
28 DC/DC Card    10L0930
29 PC Card Slot    05K4862
30 Box Speaker  
   (includes the Power Switch)    02K4328
31 Microphone Assembly    02K4329
32 Upper Shield Case    05K5495
33 Keyboard Bezel    05K5497
34 Keyboard  
   Arabic    02K4351
   Belgian    02K4341
   Canadian French    02K4344
   Czech    02K4352
   Danish    02K4343
   Dutch    02K4337
   French    02K4335
   German    02K4334
   Greek    02K4353
   Hebrew    02K4354
   Hungarian    02K4355
   Italian    02K4336
   Japanese    02K4333
   Korean    02K4345
   Latin American Spanish    02K4348
   Norwegian    02K4342
   Poland    02K4357
   Portuguese    02K4356
   Russian    02K4346
   Slovakian    02K4358
   Slovenian    02K4359
   Spanish    02K4339
   Swedish or Finnish    02K4338
   Swiss    02K4340
   Taiwanese    02K4347
   Thai    02K4349
   Turkish    02K4350
   U.K. English    02K4332
   U.S. English    02K4331
35 TrackPoint Cap    84G6536
36 System Board    10L1157
   Screw Kit    05K5725
   ° M2.5x6, Flat Head (9x)  
   ° M2.5x3, Flat Head (1x)  
   ° M2.5x4.8, Flat Head (1x)  
   ° Hex Stud (6x)  
   ° M2.5x6, Bind (Black) (19x)  
   ° M2.5x8, Bind (Black) (7x)  
   ° M2x6, Bind (4x)  
   ° M2x18, Bind (3x)  
   ° M2.5x22, Bind Nylock (2x)  
   ° M2.5x12, Bind Nylock (3x)  
   ° M2.6x4, Bind (Yellow) (1x)  
   ° M2.6x8, Bind (Red) (3x)  
   ° M2x1.7, Special Pan (Blue) (4x)  
   ° M2x2.4, Special Pan (Yellow) (2x)  
   ° M3x3, Flat (4x)  
   ° M2.5x6, Special (1x)  
   ° M2.5x6, Big Head (Yellow) (1x)  
   ° M2.5x25, Bind Nylock (1x)  
   Base Misc. Parts Kit    05K5696
   ° LCD Cable Holder (Ref.No. 2)  
   ° Support Plate (Ref.No. 4)  
   ° Air Duct (Ref.No. 8)  
   ° Power Switch Knob (Ref.No. 23)  
   Logo for LG Korea    11J8373
   Cable Holding Tape    11J8376
Hard Disk Drive, CD-ROM, Diskette Drive - Parts 
   Index    FRU P/N
1 Connector Bracket  
   (incl. in CD/Diskette Drive Bracket Kit)    05K4751
2 CD/Diskette Drive Connector Assembly    05K2767
3 CD-ROM (10x-24x)    05K8868
4 CD/Diskette Drive Bracket Kit    05K4751
   ° CD/Diskette Drive Bracket (Ref.No. 4)  
   ° Connector Bracket (Ref.No. 1)  
   ° Absorber (Ref.No.5)  
5 Absorber  
   (incl. in CD/Diskette Drive Bracket Kit)    05K4751
6 Diskette Drive    11J8338
7 Diskette Drive Bezel    73H9932
8 Base Cover Assembly    05K5697
9 HDD Bracket    05K4752
10 Hard Disk Drive Assembly  
   4.0 GB HDD Assembly (9.5mm)    22L0024
   Hard Disk Drive, 4.0GB (12.5mm)    83H7085
   See for the relationship between the  
   'HDD and the spacer'  
11 HDD Spacer    05K4776
AC Adapter  
   See Option Parts  

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