Parts Listing (TP 600E - Type 2645)

Parts Listing TP 600E - Type 2645

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Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly    13.3-Inch TFT
2 Center Cover (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
3 Keyboard Bezel    05K5856
4 Flat Speaker/Mic. Cable  
   (incl. Speaker and Ribbon Cable)    02K4897
5 Keyboard  
   Arabic    02K4837
   Belgian    02K4801
   Canada French    02K4788
   Czech    02K4839
   Danish    02K4794
   Dutch    02K4791
   French    02K4790
   German    02K4789
   Greek    02K4843
   Hungary    02K9841
   Hebrew    02K4835
   Italian    02K4795
   Japanese    02K4786
   Korean    02K4800
   Latin America Spanish    02K4799
   Norwegian    02K4793
   Portuguese    02K4798
   Russian    02K4833
   Spanish    02K4796
   Swedish or Finish    02K4792
   Swiss    02K4797
   Taiwan    02K4803
   Turkish    02K4802
   U.K. English    02K4787
   U.S. English    02K4785
6 Holder for CPU Card  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
7 CPU Card  
   (MMX™ 233 MHz)    12J0408
   (Pentium® II 300 MHz, AGP)    10L0907
   (Pentium® II 300PE MHz, AGP)    10L1277
   (Pentium® II 366 MHz, AGP)    10L1260
8 Sub Card 2    10L1193
9 Microphone Cable  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
10 Guide Rail  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
11 TV Out Card    10L1192
12 Base Cover  
   Note: In U.S., this FRU is for 2645-55x  
   and 2645-A5U.    05K5849
   Base Cover for China    05K5851
   Base Cover for Taiwan    05K5852
   Base Cover  
   Note: In U.S., this FRU is for 2645-4Ax,  
   8Ax, AAx, 5Ax, 4Bx, 8Bx, and ABx.    05K6168
   Base Cover for China    05K6169
   Base Cover for Taiwan    05K5852
   Base Cover for Korea    05K6171
13 PC Card Slot    05K4790
14 DVD Drive    05K8971
   DVD Drive    05K9106
15 Diskette Drive    05K8874
16 DIMM Cover    05K7064
17 Battery Pack    02K7018
   Battery Pack    02K6528
18 Hard Disk Drive Cover, Coin Screw    05K5995
19 6.4 GB - Hard Disk Drive    83H7103
   Hard Disk Shield    05K4752
20 Backup Battery    02K6502
21 Insulator for Modem  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
22 System Board (13.3-Inch AGP model)  
   Note:This system board is for 2645-55x  
   and 2645-A5U.  
   (10L1281, 10L1191, 10L1281, 30L2720)    30L2519
   System Board (13.3-Inch 32MB AGP model)  
   Note:In U.S. this FRU is for 2645-4Ax  
   8Ax, AAx, 5Ax, 4Bx, 8Bx, and 2645-ABx.  
   (10L1410, 30L2726)    10L1270
23 Backup Battery Holder    05K4827
24 Power Switch Knob  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
25 Modem Card    05K3469
26 Fan 2    05K5570
27 Keyboard Bracket  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
28 Bracket for Keyboard Corner  
   (System Misc.-Parts)    05K5854
29 TrackPoint Cap    84G6536
30 Speaker (see above Ref.-4)  
   Telephone Cable    05K2707
   Video Cable    05K2821
   External FDD Cover    05K2643
   HDD Bracket    05K4752
   Blank Bay    05K4842
   CD-ROM Carrying Case    05K4843
   AC Adapter (56 W)  
   2-pin    11J8974
   2-pin    02K6497
   3-pin    02K7007
   3-pin    02K7011
   System Kit for RFID    05K5855
   (FDD, I/O Right, I/O Left, USB)    05K4828
   Base Cover Miscellaneous Parts    05K4827
   ° I/O Left  
   System Miscellaneous Parts    05K5854
   ° Display Cover  
   ° Guide Rail  
   ° Insulator for Modem  
   ° Insulator for Bay  
   ° Holder for CPU Card  
   ° Power Switch  
   ° Blank Door for Modem  
   ° Latch for Keyboard Bezel  
   ° Bracket for Keyboard  
   ° Screw Cap  
   Planar Miscellaneous Parts    05K5853
   ° I/O Plate  
   ° Hex Stud for Bus  
   ° Hex Stud for D-Sub  
   ° FDD / Audio Cover  
   ° USB Plate  
   ° Holder Sub Card  
   ° Insulator Planar Battery  
   ° Insulator Planar Bay  
   ° Insulator Planar Fuse  

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