Product Overview (TP 240-2609)

  Product Overview - ThinkPad 240 - Type 2609

The following shows an overview of the system features of the ThinkPad 240 M/T-2609 computer.

Feature    Description.
   Processor    Intel® Celeron™ processor 300 MHz, L2 cache
   Bus architecture    PCI Bus
   Memory    32/64 MB SDRAM onboard
     32 MB, 64MB or 128 MB DIMM card (max. 192MB)
   BIOS ROM    up to 512 Kbytes
   Video    ° 10.4-Inch, 16M colors 800x600 pixel TFT color LCD
   Audio    ° 16-bit audio
     ° Internal speaker
     ° Internal microphone
     ° Wavetable MIDI
   Hard disk drive    3.2GB / 6.4GB, 2-5-Inch, IDE interface
   I/O ports    ° External monitor
     ° Headphone/line-out
     ° Line-in
     ° Microphone-in
     ° Mouse/keyboard
     ° Parallel
     ° Serial
     ° USB
     ° RJ11
     ° External FDD
   Infrared transfer    IrDA 1.1
   Internal modem    56Kbps (depends on the model)
   PC Card (PCMCIA)    One Type II
     CardBus support
   AC Adapter    56-Watt type

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