LCD Unit (TP 240 - 2609)

LCD Unit Asm

Note: The Cu tape must be reseated firmly after the LCD unit Asm is replaced -3-.

To remove the LCD unit Asm:
  1.  Remove the screws as shown.
  2.  Turn the notebook over, then remove the hinge covers.
  3.  Remove the Cu tape from the FPC cable.
  4.  Disconnect the LCD FPC cable from the system board.
  5.  Remove the LCD hinge screws.
  6.  Raise the upper cover enough to remove the FPC cable. Remove the LCD unit.

Step Size (Quantity) Head & Color Torque
1 M2.0 x 4 (2) Flat head, black 2.5 kgf-cm
5 M2.5 x 6 (4) Flat head, black 3.5 kgf-cm

Note: Make sure you use the correct screw for replacement.

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