Power-On and Setup Password

  Power-On and Setup Password

To clear a password from the system, first identify the system password switch by referring to 'Switch Locations', then follow these steps:

  1.  Turn off the computer.
  2.  Unplug the AC Adapter and remove the battery.
  3.  Remove the keyboard by referring to 'Keyboard', and the thermal plate by referring to 'Hard Disk Drive and HDD Heatsink'.
  4.  Move the password switch (SW2, switch 2) from OFF to ON to bypass the password.

    Note: SW2 has four switches, the second upper switch (switch 2) is the password  bypass/check switch.
     Turning the switch to the left (ON position) is "bypass password", the right (OFF position) is "check password".
     Refer to 'Switch Locations'.

  5.  Plug in the AC adapter and turn on the system.
  6.  While the ThinkPad logo is being displayed, wait for a beep before pressing F1 to enter the BIOS Utility.
  7.  Select "System Security" from the BIOS Utility main menu and press Enter.
  8.  Set the "Power-On Password" setting to "None" to clear the password.
  9.  Save and exit the BIOS Utility.
  10.  Turn off the system and unplug the AC Adapter.
  11.  Move the password switch from ON to OFF to enable the password function.
  12.  Reinstall the thermal plate and keyboard.
  13.  Reinstall the battery pack and plug in the AC Adapter.

To use the password function again, enter the BIOS Utility and set a password.

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