FRU Replacement Notices (TP 570 - 2644)

FRU Replacement Notices

This section contains notices for removal and replacement.
Read this section carefully before replacing any FRU.

LCD replacement notice

The TFT LCD for the computer contains over 2,359,296 thin-film transistors (TFTs).
A small number of missing, discolored, or lighted dots (on all the time) is characteristic of TFT LCD technology, but excessive pixel problems can cause viewing concerns.
The LCD should be replaced if the number of missing, discolored, or lighted dots in any background is 8 or more.

Screw notices

This computer uses special nylon-coated screws with the following characteristics:

Loose screws can cause a reliability problem.
The IBM ThinkPad computer addresses this problem with nylon-coated screws.

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